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Not everyone needs valued insight from a CPA, a fitbit, a motivation quote app or a financial planner, but I’d take the butchers word for it. These are valuable resources. If you are struggling with nutrition, being overweight, stress, addiction, relationship problems or emotional well being, a Wellness Coach is what you need. And believe me, we all could use a good coach. Finding someone that can help you find hope, structure and or peace is the beginning of your wellness journey. The Wellness Coach will guide you on your well being, help you with your stress and its reduction, give input on what and why to eat, supplements, vitamins and work with you on your day to day struggle. The Wellness Coach becomes your accountability partner. Personalized Siri, Uber, Google maps, sounding board and informational resource in The Quest for Your Wellness. There is something powerful about having a real, knowledgeable resource at your finger tips to guide you in how your body works and the best practice for you. This isn’t a cookie cutter program. Wellness is like a thumb print. Very unique from person to person. I can help you find answers to these struggles that are keeping you weighted down. July, the Independence Month, is a great time to start. Utilize the 17.76% discount on any program started during this month.

The Process. First, you have to reach out and set up a complementary assessment. This is a 30-60 minute assessment and will be about you. The next step in finding your beautiful self that was lost on your current journey. The frequency of meetings and duration of program will be determined by you. However, the standard program will have the introductory meeting, and meet twice per month for a 6 month period. A corporate program is also offered. This will be devised on a case by case basis, creating a wellness culture to help your overweight, sick work force become more educated, empowered and passionate about their wellness. In house group work, will concentrate on stress reduction, how to incorporate more movement during the day and why diets don’t work then offering individual meetings to help foster the wellness movement in the workplace person by person. If you offer it, they will come.

Like the lady on the airplane says “In case of emergency, place the oxygen mask on you first, then help your children.” If you are battling with any or all of the aforementioned struggles. It’s time to invest in yourself and your family. Contact me at [email protected] or 704-999-3580 to set up your assessment. I can help. Your wellness is too valuable not to.


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