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Wellness, Corporate, Personal Training & Coaching

My Approach to Wellness and Nutrition.

Wellness is different and unique as your thumb print. My passion is to help each person find what works for them. Find their bio-individuality. Find the tools for happiness.

Jason Smith, Founder

About Jason

2 guys walk into a bar… 3rd guy ducks.

If you are a multi-sport athlete competing in multiple seasons, you are creating a fantastic foundation due to your “Cross Training”. Nothing compares to competing, but if you need fine tuning during season or out of season, Get In The Grind!

We are a boutique Wellness and Sport Specific Training Center in the Lake Norman region of Charlotte that offers holistic wellness coaching, sport specific training & wellness products tailored to meet your unique wellness needs.

I have a vision to create a program that people can understand and implement into their lives to become a happy healthy more productive person.

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