I have a vision to create a program that people can understand and implement into their lives to become a happy healthy more productive person.


Here at Just Grinding, we work on much more than physical movement. After countless years of my own training combined with working with Championship Programs, I have developed a multi modality training program that works in a symbiotic relationship between the mental, the physical, proper fueling and recuperation providing the athlete with the best possible gains. I have trained players at the top of their game including NFL and NCAA Div 1 athletes.

The Grind is much more then a full service Wellness Center. We work with athletes, young and old, getting them to their next level. We work with businesses on creating a corporate wellness structure for their employees. We work on Stress Management and provide guidance on Weight Management. We provide assistance with addiction. We work with any individual creating a plan for their wellness journey.

To say I am passionate about your wellness and making players better is an understatement. For the past 30 years, I have been on a quest. A quest to find answers to questions and issues I had about my own wellness and subsequently sharing them with you. I learned to approach wellness in a way that encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

Wellness is as specific as your thumb print and your health is the most precious commodity. Without it, we have nothing. My mission is to help you find and personalized your wellness. To be your best mental, physical and spiritual self. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Coaching champions since the early 90’s, I have developed a holistic training method that combines physical, nutritional and mental development that gives you the ability to train like a Champion and, ultimately, compete like one. This also translates into holistic wellness training for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Coaching highlights include:

3X NCISSA State Champions at Davidson Day School with 13 All State selections and 18298 receiving yards and 240 touchdowns from 2011-2013 & 2016. Coaching 8 high school receivers that surpassed the 1000-yard plateau and a 9th at 955. Worked with 2 current NFL QBs – Carolina Panther Will Grier and Buffalo Bill Matt Barkley and blessed to have worked with a myriad of great football minds. In 2013, I was part of building an Iredell County middle school powerhouse, Brawley Middle School. We created a new culture for the entire program in 2014 which forged 6 undefeated county championships. Compiling a 44-3 record during that time. Bad Ass! My passion for coaching started a long time ago, in a land far, far away in Texas, co-founding The Arlington Wrestling Club. In 3 seasons, I coached 8 individual state champs and won 2 USA Texas State team titles.

There is a reason why we Win!

National and State High School Records:

  • National Record 837 yards passing, single game.
  • National Record 104 points scored(2nd), current era single game*.
  • State Record Season Receiving Yards (NC)- 1853(2nd) & 1844(3rd)*.
  • State Record 306 receiving yards single game, 2nd NC*.
  • State Record 302 receiving yards in a single game, 3rd NC*.

As much as I thought I was in peak physical condition, something seemed to be holding me back. I didn’t eat bad, I took vitamins and supplements, but I didn’t treat my nutrition as a priority. In 2007, I had a Patent foramen ovale and it scared my family to death and almost took me there. I had a small procedure to connect the deviate septum in my heart and I was back to my old tricks. Working out, but not truly understanding the benefits of additional modalities like sleep, nutrition and recuperation on my Wellness. My physical heart was fixed, but I needed help with my brain recovery. Still to this day, the search is endless. Technology and science is getting better and better, which are providing more answers on brain trauma and means to support and aid in brain recovery. Slowly but surely, true wellness started to reveal itself to me. Still to this day I am a searcher. My life is a series of trails and successes, learning and finding the truth. It’s somewhere in between. If you are willing, I can help you.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and  trained in Basic Life Support- CPR(Adult/Child/Infant/Choking) AED/1st Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens, which gave me a true understanding that not just one wellness practice or platform will work for everyone, and helped me create a concept that gets to the root of your wellness.

In addition to my certifications, I have a BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision from Purdue University. I grew up in suburbia north of Chicago and now live in North Carolina with my wife and three sons.